Cookies policy

We use cookies to make the use of our website easier. Cookies are small files of information that enables us to compare and understand how our users browse through our website and, thus, improve the browsing process. The cookies we use do not store any personal data or any type of information that would enable us to identify you. If you do not want to receive cookies, please set up your Internet browser to delete them from your computer’s hard drive block them or notify you if they are installed. To proceed without making any changes to the cookie settings, just continue browsing the website.

The types of cookies we use:

Google Analytics is a Google free web analysis tool that mainly allows website owners know how users interact with their website. It also enables cookies in the site domain where you are and uses a set of cookies called "__utma" and "__utmz" to anonymously collect information and prepare website trend reports without identifying individual users.

Google Maps is used to display maps, in different parts of the web. To display them correctly, the following cookies are used: khcookie, NID, SNID and PREF.

If you do not wish to enable our website cookies use, please follow the following instructions:

These procedures can be updated or amended by the browser developers, so we cannot guarantee that they are fully compliant with the latest version available at all times.

Internet Explorer
In the "Tools > Internet Options" menu, go to the "Privacy" tab, select the desired setting and click on the advanced settings button. Check the "Overwrite automatic cookie management" box. Check the "Enable" or "Block" boxes. We recommend enabling the option "Always accept session cookies" for an optimal navigation through our website.

In the "Tools > Options" menu, go to the "Privacy" tab, activate or deactivate the checkbox "Accept cookies from websites" or "inform the websites that I do not want to be tracked", depending on your browser version. You can also delete installed cookies by clicking on the option "delete cookies individually".

In the "Tools > Settings" menu, go to the "Privacy > Content settings" tab. After selecting the "Show advanced options" option, select your favourite cookies setting. If you do not want to allow its installation, you can select the "Block the third-party sites data and cookies" option".

In the "Settings > Options" menu, go to the "Advanced" tab. In the "Cookies" menu select the options "Accept fingerprints" or "Never accept cookies". If you want to have more control over the cookies installed on your computer, we recommend selecting the option "Ask before accepting cookies".

In the "Tools > Preferences" menu, go to the "Security" tab. In the "Accept cookies" menu select the "Always" or "Never" box. If you have an iPhone, you must access "Settings > Safari" and there select whether or not you accept cookies.

If you use another browser, you can see more information on how to set up the cookies installation using the help or assistance section of such browser. If you need help to set up the cookies with your browser, please send us an e-mail and we will in contact you as soon as possible with the necessary information.